It’s time to send the circus back to D-II

 If anyone is , or was at any point, a pro-wrestling fan, you have probably heard of the Montreal ScrewJob involving Shawne Michaels and Bret “The Hitman” Hart. It is widely known as the most controversial event in the wrestling world mainly for the reason that many believe it was not staged and was in fact a real life screwjob. What just occurred in Seattle is not only a much more egregious screwjob, it is also could be the end of football as we know it.

 For years now the NFL has become the most popular sport in America, bar none; it is America’s new pastime. The Super Bowl is the most watched event in the country, and names like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are known even by those who don’t follow the sport. The reason for the popularity of the NFL has been the quality of the product; you used to know that if you watched a football game, you’d be getting a  quality product even if your team lost. That isn’t the case anymore.

These refs aren’t a joke. In the preseason it was funny seeing them act like buffoons. Calling touchbacks when the ball never went in the endzone, facing the wrong way when calling a penalty, not knowing which teams were playing. But the funny is over now; this is serious. What just happened in Seattle is a disgrace to what the NFL is, it is a disgrace to anyone who calls themselves a football fan and something has to be done about this now.

As a Patriots’ fan, I was obviously very upset with how the Patriots-Ravens game was officiated on Sunday night, but even I knew that there were bad calls on both sides of the ball and none of them directly cost New England the game. These replacements just directly cost the Green Bay Packers a win, and it is a very, very big deal.

I am not fully up to date with the referee situation, I don’t know who is to blame for this. Goodell, the NFL owners, the refs themselves, it doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is getting these D-II bozos off the field before they singlehandedly ruin the sport that I love, that America loves.

This is not football anymore; it’s a circus, and it isn’t an entertaining one. We as NFL fans need to stand together on this. This is worse than having no football at all and we need to let the NFL execs and the NFL owners know that if they deprive us of what we want, we won’t be watching their inferior product.

We need to send e-mails to the NFL offices, the owners of our favorite teams, and let them know that if they don’t get these morons off of the field, we’ll just have to move on to another sport, one that means what that say, and has respect for their fans. Because for the last two years now, it’s been obvious, the NFL has NO respect for the fans that have made it the most popular sport in America.

(Then again I don’t know if there is a sport in this country that does have respect for their fans. How’s that NHL lockout coming? Is their instant replay in baseball yet? But I digress)