Week one record (11-5) Overall record (11-5)

  • Chicago @ Green Bay – Thursday night football kicks off with what should be the game of week 2. This is a really hard game to pick, especially after Green Bay’s performance last week. In the end, I just can’t pick against Rodgers in Lambeau Field. Green Bay 24 – Chicago 20
  • Kansas City @ Buffalo – KC laid an egg against Atlanta last week, but they rebound this week against a Buffalo team that looks like I overrated a little bit. Kansas City 23 – Buffalo 10
  • Cleveland @ Cincinnati – The Bengals had a tough draw in week one, but they are still a good football team. Cincinnati 17 – Cleveland 10
  •  Minnesota @ Indianapolis – Andrew Luck’s debut was a rough one, but the can’t miss kid gets his first win in week two. Indianapolis 24 – Minnesota 13
  • New Orleans @ Carolina – Both of these teams expected to win in week one, and both were upset by how they played to start the season. New Orleans is just flat out the better team though. New Orleans 30 – Carolina 17
  • Houston @ Jacksonville – Houston gets a second straight blowout victory against a very bad Jacksonville team. Houston 45 – Jacksonville 13
  • Oakland @ Miami – Neither of these teams are very good, but Oakland is just slightly the better team. Oakland 20 – Miami 13
  • Arizona @ New England – The Patriot’s first two weeks of the year are about as easy as they could have asked for. Their real test is next week @ Baltimore. New England 45 – Arizona 10
  • Tampa Bay @ NY Giants – I really like Tampa Bay this year, I also really don’t like the Giants this year. Just can’t pick the G-men to lose two weeks in a row. NY Giants 24 – Tampa Bay 17
  • Baltimore @ Philadelphia – Baltimore looked pretty good on Monday night; philly is lucky they were able to overcome some bad mistakes against Cleveland in week one. Baltimore 27 – Philadelphia 17
  • Washington @ St. Louis – RG3 is for real. The St. Louis defense is not. Washington 31 – St. Louis 20
  • Dallas @ Seattle – Seattle still has potential to be very competitive despite dropping their opener to Arizona, but Dallas is still the better team. Dallas 27 – Seattle 24
  • NY Jets @Pittsburgh – I certainly was not expecting the Jets offense to look like they did after the pre-season they had, but they weren’t playing a defense like Pittsburgh’s. Pittsburgh 24 – NY Jets 10
  • Tennessee @ San Diego – Phillip Rivers looks ready to shake off his terrible 2011 season and the Chargers look ready to make easy work of the Titans. San Diego 27 – Tennessee 13
  • Detroit @ San Francisco – San Francisco looks damn good after beating Green Bay in Lambeau Field and Detroit didn’t look great in their season opener. San Francisco 31 – Detroit 17
  • Denver @ Atlanta – This game is also really difficult to pick after the game Atlanta had last week. I don’t like picking against Manning, but Matt Ryan and the Falcons look to have what it takes to beat the Broncos. Atlanta 27 – Denver 20